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Did someone say FREE shipping??

That's right! What better way to kick off 2017 than offering to save you money? We now offer free First Class shipping on all continental United States orders. Free First Class shipping has been made default at checkout. If you need your products faster or require a Tracking number, you...

03 January 2017 by James Brame

Introducing the PrintIt Heat Bed

We are proud to introduce today our first original product, the PrintIt Heat Bed HB 8.8! Manufactured in the United States of America, our new heat bed allows for easy installation on 3 or 4 point leveling systems right out of the box, and is available in a 12 volt and 24 volt version. 10 May 2016 by Jeff Wilson

Maiden Voyage

Thank you for stopping by PRINTiT!

We are dedicated to selling quality accessories and upgrades for 3D printers. Our goal is to offer high performance proven-to-work parts for reasonable costs and superior customer service.

23 August 2015 by James Brame

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