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Introducing the PrintIt Heat Bed

10 May 2016 by Jeff Wilson

We are proud to introduce today our first original product, the PrintIt Heat Bed HB 8.8! Manufactured in the United States of America, our new heat bed allows for easy installation on 3 or 4 point leveling systems right out of the box, and is available in a 12 volt and 24 volt version.  

The bed comes with holes pre-drilled for 3-point leveling systems, and cutaway corners to support almost any 4-point leveling system. The heater and thermistor wires are pre-installed and ready to use. At 24 inches (2 feet) in length, you'll have plenty of wire to reach your motherboard on any printer without splicing.

The bottom of the Printit HB 8.8

The top of the bed has a 3M® adhesive surface which can receive glass, aluminum, copper, or a variety of other combinations! For example, you can stick aluminum to the bed and put glass on top for easy glass removal, or you can stick glass directly to the top of the bed. The HB 8.8 is easily customized to meet your printing needs.

The top of the Printit HB 8.8

Most importantly, we have worked hard with our engineering partner to ensure that the HB 8.8 not only heats quickly, but also provides uniform heating across the surface.\

Thermal imaging of the PrintIt HB 8.8

With 115 watts of power at 12 volts, or 144 watts at 24 volts, the HB 8.8 is capable of reaching 100° C in 3 minutes from room temperature, as the temperature graph from Repetier-Host below shows.

The HB 8.8 can reach 100 degrees Celsius from room temperature in just 3 minutes.

The HB 8.8 can be purchased today for $39.99! We are excited to launch this heat bed and we know it will make an excellent drop-in upgrade. Click here for the full product description! In the future, we intend to offer our heat bed at larger sizes to accommodate users with larger print areas.

Thanks to all of our customers who made this venture possible!

The PrintIt Industries Team