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Raspberry Pi B+

Price: $ 34.99

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Product Description

If you are in need of a compact computer for a DIY project or want your printer to be as mobile as possible, consider a Raspberry Pi B+. This credit card-sized computer runs various versions of Linux and can be used for countless applications including 3D printing.

What you will need

To use the Raspberry Pi, you will need a few additional things that are not included:

  • A 5 V power source with a micro USB connector. We recommend a 5VDC 1A power supply and a USB to Micro-B cable.
  • A microSD card with an operating system on it, which also serves as the main storage for the device.
  • Input and output devices, such as a keyboard and monitor.


Size: 3.35″ × 2.2″ × 0.8″1
Weight: 42 g

General specifications

Processor: BCM2835
RAM size: 512 Mbytes