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Product Description

The legendary E3D v6 is an all metal high performance HotEnd with a maximum operating temperature of 300 C.

Capable of printing ABS, PLA, Nylon, PC/ABS, and many other exotic materials, this HotEnd is difficult to clog and easier to clear than your average PEEK! We have a combined 4,000+ hours experience with E3D products, and this is our personal and professional go-to HotEnd.

But what is so different about the hotends we sell? Glad you asked.

We are the first company to offer the E3D HotEnds FULLY ASSEMBLED! No more fiddling with fragile thermistors! No more waiting to assemble, then heat tightening THEN getting back to printing! We make it easier than ever to carry out your replacement/upgrade by taking away the most time consuming part. Simply cut the PTFE to your preferred length, mount to your extruder, then wire up to your board and make changes to your firmware.....and you're off!

Please note that the end user will need to insert the PTFE tubing. This is a service to prevent any confusion as to whether you are using direct or bowden setups.

Avoid clones! We are a genuine E3D reseller. 

*At this time we are only offering 1.75mm models

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