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Direct Y Drive Kit For Solidoodle 2/3/4

Price: $ 44.99

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Product Description

If you own a Solidoodle 2,3, or 4, then you know about Y backlash. This is primarily caused by the drive belt due to the placement of the motor. Eliminate that drive belt all together and go Direct Drive! Relocating the Y motor outside the frame with one of our printed mounts ensures the Y drive rod spins as precise as the motor. As an added bonus, by moving the motor outside of the build chamber, the motor is able to function more reliably in ambient temperatures. 

Our kit includes the following:

*Mount and backplate

*Screws and nuts

*5x6mm coupler

*Extended 6mm hardened steel shaft

This kit does include everything you need to help eliminate Y lash and better diagnose or even eradicate dented circles. This is a fairly simple mod that only requires about 20 minutes to complete. If you are looking to maximize your Y axis' capabilities, consider a Pillow Block and Upgraded Y Motor. To give credit, our printable parts are inspired by the works of Claghorn in the open source community, and redesigned by us at Printit.


Please specify if this will be used for a Solidoodle 2, Solidoodle 3, or Solidoodle 4