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MK5 Extruder

Price: $ 4.99

Availability: In stock and ready to ship.

Product Description

We offer the legacy extruder MK5 designed by Lawsy for Solidoodle users who currently have the SD2/SD3 PEEK hotend, or E3D v5 hotend. We include the following parts:


*Tension Arm

*Filament Guide

*Locking Arm

*Black Accessory (helps prevent the locking arm from releasing the hotend)


Since this is designed specifically for SD2/3 users with a stock PEEK or E3D v5 hotend, these will not come with hardware as the user can cannibalize from their current set up. If there are any questions for confusion on the required hardware for legacy extruders, please contact us.


Please note that this extruder will not work with stock SD4, Press, WBA, or WB

The sale of this produxct has been approved by the designer