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About Us

Welcome to PRINTiT Industries - your one stop shop for everything 3D printing! We are a new company offering fully assembled E3Ds and other hardware for 3D printers. We strive to provide the highest quality in our products and services. If you ever run into a problem or have questions about our products or services, please contact us. All products we sell are ones we stand by from personal experience and rigorous testing.

We are heavily active in the 3D Printing Community, and we hope you will reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Pre-Assembled E3D HotEnds

Looking for a fully assembled genuine E3D? We got 'em! In our experience, first time E3D users often have difficulty, or even fear, the initial assembly process required for the E3D. Whether you are a novice looking to purchase a pre-assembled HotEnd or an expert wishing to save time, we have an assembled E3D to meet your needs.

Our assembly station
Our assembly workspace.

We assemble all of our HotEnds individually by hand to ensure the perfect assembly every time. During assembly, we test the heater cartridge and thermistor for proper behavior. Each HotEnd is mechanically assembled with the included thermistor, heater cartridge and fan, and heated to 285° C for final thermal tightening. Your E3D is ready to use when it leaves our warehouse1, 2.

Tightening the nozzle on an E3D Lite6.
Tightening the nozzle on an E3D Lite6.

We currently offer the following E3D products fully assembled:

  • E3D v6
  • E3D v6 with Volcano
  • E3D Lite6
  • E3D Lite6 with Volcano
  • E3D Chimera
  • E3D Cyclops

1. As the consumer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the HotEnd is functioning correctly once connected to the printer. NEVER PRINT UNATTENDED! We are not liable for any personal injury or damages to property as the result of using our pre-assembled HotEnds.

2. Please note that HotEnds come with a heater having bare wires. You must modify this connection to match whatever your motherboard requires.