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Companies We Endorse

The following companies are ones whom we have found to have great customer service, outstanding products, and have found a home in our supply chain for a reason. is a company that offers DIY kits for making filament in the home or office and are also resellers for the Duet board, Atlas scanner, Filawinder, E3D and E3D parts. Filastruder's customer service and quality kits have sold us both personally and professionally. is a Wisconsin,USA based filament company which makes ABS, PLA, PETG, and many other materials. Their filaments are as reliable as more well known brands at a more reasonable cost. We stand by their product so much that each of our Printit 8.10 printers are shipped with a 500g spool of Coex filament. If you like the filament that came with your printer, you can visit their site for larger amounts. is a Utah,USA based company which supplies ABS and PLA pellets. While not only supplying MG94 ABS and 4043D PLA virgin pellets, they have a wide array of masterbatch colorants, and the far superior powder based colorants; OS3DP also offer custom powder colors for home extrusion not found in other pre-extruded filaments. Their customer service has been top-notch many times over to earn a place on our endorsement list. 

Anybody who has knowledge of 3D printing have at least heard or read of E3D. This UK based company offers the ultimate in high quality 3D printing parts that have become a staple in our community. You know you are doing something right when clones of your products begin to surface, but there is no substitute for the real deal. We offer genuine E3D products for a reason. Even more, we stock our Printit 8.10 with genuine E3D products for some of the most demanding parts. If you have not experienced a genuine E3D product, you have not seen the potential in your machine. Check the Genuine E3D Resellers page on their site so avoid buying substitutions. You will find Printit Industries on the list!