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PrintIt Industries: PrintIt Architect 8.10 3D Printer

The PrintIt 8.10 3D Printer is PrintIt Industries' first-class 3D printer suitable for use in the home and industry applications. With a sharp focus on building a mechanically solid platform, the PrintIt 8.10 delivers the same great results every time. Extensively tested for more than 10,000 hours, the PrintIt 8.10 is guaranteed to be operational when you need it most. Equipped with the premier industry-standard E3D v6 HotEnd, we have combined the reliability of our drive system with the most reliable HotEnd on the market to deliver a heavy-duty printer for any environment.

Rigid, Reliable and Repeatable 3D Printing

It all starts with a solid foundation. Using the PrintIt Architect frame, the PrintIt 8.10 drive system sits on a rigid alunimum frame, offering industrial-grade strength and repeatability that makes your parts stand out from the competition.

WiFi-Ready Controller Board

The PrintIt 8.10 uses the community tried and tested open source Duet WiFi Controller Board. This means the PrintIt 8.10 can be used anywhere with a WiFi connection--just plug it in and go!

E3D v6 All-Metal HotEnd: Endless Material Possibilities

With the tried and true E3D v6 HotEnd, the PrintIt 8.10 arrives ready to tackle almost any polymer you can imagine. Print ABS, PLA, Polycarbonate, Nylon, and other exotic materials with the confidence of a reliable all-metal HotEnd.

PrintIt 8.10 printing a vase

Print at 250 mm/s

For your biggest jobs, the PrintIt 8.10 offers the speed you need to get your parts out the door quickly.


Fine Detail for Small Parts

When your parts demand precision and beauty, the PrintIt 8.10 delivers.

Innovative Z-Axis Design

Our custom aluminum legs create four points of contact for the Z axis, providing stability that rivals the competition. This ensures your bed moves up and down but nowhere else, preventing many common problems encountered with consumer-grade Z axis designs.

Removable Side Panels for Easy Access

With our custom aluminum leg design, lift-off side panels provide easy access to the inside of the PrintIt 8.10 for removing prints, changing filament and performing maintenance.

8" x 8" x 10" (204 mm x 204 mm x 260 mm) Build Area

Using the PrintIt Architect frame, the PrintIt 8.10 reliably prints in an 8 inch by 8 inch by 10 inch area, and you can use the entire build platform.

Powerful Heated Bed for Warp-Free Prints

Utilize your entire build area with ABS and other heat-craving materials. The PrintIt 8.10 uses the Calidum Heated Bed to deliver uniform heat across the print surface.

Lightweight CoreXY Motion

Unlike many printers the PrintIt 8.10 does not carry its motors around. This makes the print head light and maneuverable, reducing artifacts often seen with consumer-grade printers. Combined with a Bowden tube-fed plastic extrusion system, our print head is as light as physically possible.

Control from Anywhere

With DuetWebControl and the Duet WiFi, you can control your printer with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Wireless connectivity allows the PrintIt 8.10 to keep printing without a computer, so you don't lose your parts if your computer crashes. Ideal for homes, offices and workshops.

Compatible with all Slicers

The PrintIt 8.10 uses open source hardware, and is compatible with every major slicer available today, including but not limited to Slic3r, Cura, Simplify3D, Skeinforge, KISSlicer, and others.

Fully Customizable

At PrintIt Industries we are interested in designing 3D printers that fit your needs or the needs of your company. The PrintIt 8.10 is built upon the PrintIt Architect frame which can be scaled to a variety of sizes. Please contact us for an individual assessment and a quote.