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Chimera/Cyclops - FULLY ASSEMBLED

Price: $ 129.99

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Product Description

Dual extrusion can be a blast. Whenever you need soluble supports,  rigid and flexible materials together, or multiple colors, dual extrusion is a mandatory upgrade. Dual extrusion used to be very complicated and required installing and leveling multiple HotEnds. Today, however, dual extrusion has been combined into a single HotEnd thanks to the great minds at E3D. In November 2014, E3D forever changed the game of dual extrusion with the release of their Cyclops and Chimera HotEnds.

We offer the Cyclops and Chimera fully assembled!


Most dual extrusion setups use two nozzles. E3D is the first to defy this convention and design a HotEnd with two inputs, and only one output nozzle. This eliminates the need for HotEnd leveling and greatly simplifies slicer configuration. 


The Chimera HotEnd offers traditional dual extrusion with two inputs and two output nozzles, all built into one HotEnd. This provides much more flexibility in the dual extrusion tasks you can accomplish. Leveling the Chimera's two nozzles is simple, thanks to smooth heatbreaks which are held in position with grub screws. 

* At this time, we are only offering the Chimera and Cyclops in 12v

*At this time, we are only offering 1.75mm models