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Printit 8.10 Core XY 3D Printer

Price: $ 2,199.00

Availability: In stock. Ships in 6-8 weeks.

Product Description


We are happy to announce our first voyage into the realm of consumer 3D Printers: the PrintIt 8.10 CoreXY 3D Printer.

The PrintIt 8.10 is an exceptionally rigid CoreXY 3D printer utilizing a genuine E3D HotEnd, our signature HALE heatbed, and the popular Duet electronics motherboard. Our machine's mechanical rigidity and repeatability ensures you can achieve excellent results at a wide variety of speeds. We designed this printer with the open source community in mind and we are proud to say the PrintIt 8.10 is easily hackable and extendable to suit your needs. With the Duet electronics controller board, the PrintIt 8.10 is network-ready for all Ethernet-capable networks and can be controlled from a desktop PC or tablet/mobile phone.

Current lead time to ship after placing your order is 6-8 weeks. The first ten units we are now offering for sale are part of our Release Candidate program. We will work closely with you if you purchase a Release Candidate machine to ensure you get up and running. However, as a Release Candidate, we may make changes or updates to the machine prior to our final release. We will keep all individuals receiving a Release Candidate machine up to date on all developments to the machine, if any.


  • Master On/Off Switch
  • Sliding enclosure for easy access to prints and printer components (sold separate)
  • Build Volume: 8" × 8" × 10" (204 mm × 204 mm × 260 mm)
  • Heat bed: PrintIt Calidum HALE 8" × 8" heated bed
  • Motherboard: Duet Controller v0.8.5
  • HotEnd: E3D v6 12 volt with cartridge thermistor
  • Extruder: Bowden extruder utilizing the E3D 5mm Hobb Goblin
  • Nozzles: 0.6 mm pre-installed; 0.4mm included in the box
  • Cooling: Nozzle cooling fan for PLA and other plastics; motherboard cooling fan for reliable printing
  • Maximum Temperatures: 290 °C HotEnd; 150 °C bed
  • Power Supply: Supernight 360 watt / 30 amp 12 volt
  • Frame Materials: 20x20 v-slot and 20x40 v-slot aluminimum extrusions; custom aluminium slot rails for the Z axis and legs
  • Drive System:
    • X/Y Axes: GT-2 belts in CoreXY configuration with 2:1 gear reduction
    • Z Axis: Dual-drive M8 threaded rods
    • Extruder: E3D 5mm Hobb Goblin, bowden extruder
  • Repeatability:
    • X/Y Axes: 0.1 mm
    • Z Axis: 0.01 mm (achievable layer heights of 0.025mm and up)
  • Printable Materials: All thermoplastics which can be printed with an E3D v6 HotEnd, including ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET, and much more.

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