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Calidum 3D Printer Heatbed - 8 inch x 8 inch

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Product Description

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A large printed object sitting on the Calidum heated bed

3D printing demands uniform heating.

Warping remains one of the biggest issues with filament 3D printing. A well-heated build plate improves print adhesion and quality. We designed the Calidum 3D printer heatbed for fast and consistent heating from the beginning. Print big with many materials. The Calidum is UL-recognized up to 200 °C, providing the heat you need for your hardest jobs. Our 3D printer heatbed easily installs into all 3D printers. Remove the adhesive backing and attach to your favorite build surface.

Main features

Made in the USA sticker

Made in the United States

We make our heat beds in the beautiful state of South Carolina. Free shipping is available for all of the lower 48 states.

10 minutes on a clock face

Heats quickly

Reaches 100 °C in ten minutes with most print surfaces. Reliably maintains temperature with all PID-enabled 3D printer controllers.

UL-recognized component emblem

UL-recognized for your safety

Heated beds can carry a lot of power, which is dangerous without the right safety precautions. Our heat bed is a UL-recognized component up to 200 °C, because your safety is our number one priority.

Other features

Cropped thermal image of a Calidum heated bed

Thousands of hours of printing by our customers and us.

We don't just make 3D printer heatbeds. We use them too. All PrintIt 3D printers use a Calidum. We firmly believe in our product, its reliability and its performance.

Since its inception, all of our customers have warmly welcomed the Calidum. Before announcing our heat bed, we put it through our most rigorous tests and used it daily for prototyping our 3D printers. This testing leaves us confident the Calidum will meet your 3D printing needs.

Product reviews

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Calidum heated bed demonstrating peeling of the 3M adhesive surface

Stick to your favorite surface.

The Calidum uses a 3M® adhesive surface and can stick to glass, copper, aluminum, PEI and more printing surfaces. Peel away the adhesive protective coating, place your build surface and stick it to the Calidum.

The Calidum is perfectly flat and has a thickness of only 0.033 inches (0.84 mm), making it an easy drop-in upgrade for most printers. Our heat bed uses much less space than silicone heating pads. No messy glues required for installation.

Drawing of heat bed showing the 8 possible mounting points

Explore flexible mounting options.

We know that all 3D printers are different, and everybody mounts their build plate in a unique way. The Calidum features four through-holes and four cut-away corners to support many mounting situations.

For three point leveling systems

Three point leveling systems are compatible with the four included through-holes.

For four point leveling systems

The cut-away corners give access to leveling screws on 3D printers with four point leveling systems.

Technical specifications

  • Printing surfaces: Aluminum, copper, glass, or other combinations (such as aluminum and glass for easy glass removal)
  • Adhesive material: 3M® adhesive
  • Mounting system: Support for 3 and 4 point leveling systems
  • Power input: 12 volts (115 watts)
  • Heat-up time: 10 minutes to 100 °C from room temperature1
  • Printable surface area: 8.070 inches by 8.070 inches (204.98 mm by 204.98 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.033 inches (0.84 mm)
  • Thickness (including bottom connector pads): 0.150 inches (3.81 mm)
  • Wire connectors: Bare leads
  • Heater lead color: Black
  • Heater wire thickness: 16 AWG
  • Heater lead length: 24 inches (61 cm)
  • Thermistor lead color: White
  • Thermistor lead thickness: 18 AWG
  • Thermistor lead length: 24 inches (61 cm)
  • Thermistor: Pre-wired and ready to use
  • Thermistor type:U.S. Sensor 104JG1F (NTC 100 kOhm)
  • Maximum temperature: UL-recognized up to 200 °C



  1. Heat-up times will vary depending on the thickness of your build surface, ambient temperature, power supply quality, electronics calibrations and possibly other factors.

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