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Horizon H1 3D Printer

Price: $ 3,499.00

Availability: Please contact us at for sales inquiries.

Product Description

The Horizon H1 is our entry 3D printer model for schools, universities and industrial applications. For all of our 3D printers, we started with the goal of building a rigid and reliable build platform, so you can print you parts quickly with nice surface finish and move on to the next project. The Horizon combines the rigid frame of our other printers with an E3D Volcano HotEnd to provide high volume flow capabilities and more reliability to the extrusion system. The Horizon also features a touchscreen and front-loadable SD cards, which makes it the perfect fit for for anywhere in the classroom or workshop--no computer required for full operation! Combined with an infrared sensor for automatic bed leveling, the Horizon delivers a rounded user-friendly experience. We've spent thousands of hours in design time so you can print without becoming a printer mechanic. Like our other models, the Horizon is WiFi ready and can be used on any WiFi network.

For sales, contact us at We are currently taking orders individually. Your order will be placed through our secure online store. Please contact us to initiate purchase!


  • Touchscreen with front-loadable SD card (SD card included)
  • Sliding enclosure with top for easy access to prints
  • Automatic bed sensing with infrared sensor
  • Automatic bed leveling compensation
  • Master On/Off Switch
  • Build Volume: 8" × 8" × 10" (206 mm × 206 mm × 254 mm)
  • Heat bed: PrintIt Calidum HALE 8" × 8" heated bed
  • Extruder: Reliable E3D Titan with Bowden
  • HotEnd: High volume flow E3D Volcano
  • Motherboard: Duet3D Duet Wifi
  • Leveling Sensor: Duet3D Mini differential IR height sensor
  • Nozzles: 0.6 mm nozzle pre-installed
  • Cooling: Nozzle cooling fan; motherboard cooling fan for reliable printing
  • Maximum Temperatures: 290 °C HotEnd; 150 °C bed
  • Power Supply: Supernight 360 watt / 30 amp 12 volt
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Drive System:
    • X/Y Axes: CoreXY
    • Z Axis: Dual-drive
  • Repeatability:
    • X/Y Axes: 0.1 mm
    • Z Axis: 0.01 mm. Achievable layer heights down to 25 microns
  • Printable Materials: All thermoplastics up to 300C. One roll of ABS included with printer.