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Radial Bearings

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Product Description

We offer the following radial bearings:
  • 608zz: These are used for various projects as well as variations of Wade's Geared Extruder for Prusa models. 608zz bearings measure 8 mm x 22 mm x 7 mm.
  • 624zz: Also used for some Prusa extruders, this is a bearing used in stock Solidoodle extruders (all printers from the Solidoodle 4 onward) and is crucial for some upgrades on the Solidoodle Press. 624zz bearings measure 4 mm x 13 mm x 5 mm.
  • 625zz: This is the most common extruder bearing for Solidoodle users. It was the stock bearing used in the Solidoodle 2 and 3 extruders, and most upgrade extruders utilize it as well. 625zz bearings measure 5 mm x 16 mm x 5 mm.